Morgan Advanced Materials is specialized into the supply of intelligently engineered Thermal Ceramics and fire protection insulation solutions to a wide variety of industries and market sectors. We are specialized in providing passive fire protection and FastWrap XL is our new FastWrap product for fire rated duct insulation. This product has been developed specifically to provide the highest performance for commercial grease & air ventilation ductwork worldwide.

FireMaster® FastWrap® XL

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Duct | Grease Duct Insulation

Thermal Ceramics, a global manufacturer of high temperature insulation products, has provided engineered solutions for heat containment problems for over 75 years, and was the first to develop flexible fire resistive duct enclosures, marketed under the brandname of FireMaster, for commercial kitchen grease and air ventilation ducts.

Unlike imitation wraps in today’s market, Thermal Ceramics has the widest range of performance testing which goes beyond minimum laboratory listings or code requirements. This assures fire containment, from the typical to the most complex duct designs, without theorizing.

  • High temperature 2192°F (1200°C) fire rated solutions
  • UL listed kitchen duct insulation
  • 2-hour fire rated duct insulation and zero clearance protection of grease ducts as per ASTM E2336
  • Fire rated enclosure system
  • Complies with NFPA 96 (National Fire Protection Association) duct insulation standards
  • UL Environment verification of mold resistance and low/no VOCs
  • Fully encapsulated in reinforced aluminum facings for easy handling and installation
  • Less then 50/25 Smoke and Flame Rating (ASTM E84)
  • Patented low bio-persistent fibers for safer handling
  • 38 mm thick fire wrap duct insulation
  • High-temperature insulation
  • Do not age, become brittle, or shrink during in-service

With nearly 25 years real world and laboratory fire exposures, the FireMaster line can be trusted to hold the line in a fire.