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Overview: Refrigeration is technology which makes a major contribution to humanity in many ways including food preservation, control of indoor air quality, gas liquefaction, and industrial process control, production of food and drink and computer cooling. Without refrigeration, modern life would be impossible. About 15% of the world’s electricity is used to drive refrigerating and air conditioning systems. Inefficient use of energy is a waste of valuable resource and contributes to global warming. Most of the global warming effect of refrigerating systems comes from generating energy to drive them. Only a small proportion comes from the release of certain refrigerants. This informatory note describes how the efficiency of refrigerating systems can be maximized thereby minimizing their global warming impact.

List of brands working with Bin Dasmal General Trading:

  • Maneurop: Maneurop is one of the known brands for compressors and condensing units. Bin Dasmal General Trading represents such Maneurop branded products. The Company also represents products like hermetic reciprocating compressors, scroll compressors and their condensing units.
  • Friga-Bohn: Friga-Bohn is an acclaimed brand of Heatcraft Europe (World Wide Refrigeration). It is one of the companies that offer the wide variety of refrigeration products which are used in various industries like supermarkets, cold storage, grocery stores, restaurants and other retail industries etc. Their products are efficient, authentic and technology advanced. Friga-Bohn also deals in other products like commercial evaporators, industrial evaporators, power packs condensers, mono block and much more and is also certified by Eurovent, ISO 9001, and PGD & CE.
  • Danfoss: Danfoss is one of the famous, reliable and proficient suppliers of compressors and automated control solutions to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. This brand deals in various refrigeration and air conditioning equipment that includes a wide variety of Self-acting Valves, Electronic Valves, and Regulators as well as System Protectors and line components for the refrigeration & air conditioning market and is known for its quality products in all over the world.
  • Dorin Innovation: Dorin is a globally reliable company of refrigeration equipment and known for its refrigeration products. Bin Dasmal General Trading trades with a variety of Dorin products like Semi-hermetic & Open Type Compressors, Air Cooled Condensing Units, and Water Cooled Condensing Units.

Bin Dasmal General Trading has been one of the reliable and ardent refrigeration products suppliers in UAE which provide essential guidelines for startups, commercial centers, and industries across the UAE.


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