Why cladding sheets are necessary?

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Overview: When one is looking for duct-work then, one does not think about all the work that goes in the building because it requires a competent person to make sure that the ducts are qualitative and solid and carry the air appropriately through a HVAC system with no leaks. The main work of ducts is used to provide a passage for ventilation, heating and air conditioning. When the duct is properly installed then it assures the proper ventilation in the building and provides the quality air in your surroundings.

Cladding products can offer a wide range of properties that includes resistant to weather, UV rays, chemicals and mold as well as excellent resistance to water vapour permeability. Cladding sheets are self-adhering, self-healing and have a long span of life expectancy. The HVAC cladding sheet is basically designed to ensure the thermal and acoustic comfort and these sheets are energy efficient and comply with complete safety requirements.

Cladding of air ducts can create a complete better outdoor duct system that include protection to keep the air ventilate properly in your building and no use of tapes or adhesives to make further connections. They also contain insulated values from R-8 to R-24 and have magnificent insulation core with a 1000 micron vinyl shell.

Duct cladding is a lightweight malleable and corrosion resistant metal that is used as cladding purpose. Before installing the cladding sheet it is necessary to ensure the proper procedure of cladding of ductwork and pipework.

  • As per the approved drawings and submittals the duct cladding should be properly cladded and care shall be taken to ensure no damage to insulation.
  • The rivets sizes shall be optimum, so that it does not cause any damage during the insulation process.
  • Cladding shall be firmly fixed on the duct or pipe.

Our duct cladding suits to all pipe sizes and insulation thickness and are manufactured as per the customer’s requirements.

When it comes to supplying cladding sheets then, leading cladding sheet suppliers in UAE, like Bin Dasmal General Trading is the one that makes the difference and the Company is one of the authorized suppliers of duct cladding which is highly recommendable for your duct purpose.  Finalizing the right company which has a good reputation in the market for your high-quality products is not an easy task. It is essential to choose a trusted team of experts for all your costly products so; Bin Dasmal General Trading is one of the reliable and trusted suppliers of HVAC products.


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