Considerable Advantages of Flexible Ducts

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With the passage of time, the air ducts used in the air conditioning systems have changed a lot. They have become more advanced and cost effective. Initially, the duct pipes were made from metal, mainly copper and aluminum. But, one of the major disadvantages with them was their price. Metal based ducts are quite expensive. Fortunately, the inception of flexible ducts proved to be highly effective in doing away with this issue.

What are flexible ducts?

Like the name suggests, these ducts are made from flexible material, mainly rubber. These ducts feature an inner core, and inside that inner core, you will find a coating of spiraled wire. The purpose of this spiraled wire is to provide some firmness to the flexible duct. In addition, the flexible duct also features a plastic sheath, embedded to it.

For the purpose of insulation, the duct is surrounded by an insulating material.  Some of the good quality flexible ducts also encompass a thin radiant barrier, particularly on the outer side. Hence, it is better to go for the best flexible duct suppliers in UAE, so that you can get the most efficient ducting system for your customers. Bin Dasmal General Trading provides such high quality products in this regard.

Advantages of flexible ducts

  • Highly affordable- When compared to the metal ducts, the flexible one is proved to be much cheaper. They can provide your business a competitive edge because you will be able to offer a more cost-effective solution to your customers, which in turn will help them save some good amount of money.
  • Cheaper labor- Working on the flexible ducts is much easier when compared to the metal ducts. In the case of flexible ductwork, you will not have to spend a lot of time on customizing their size by chopping them off. In the case of metal ducts, it takes a lot of time, which means higher labor cost. In addition, less-skilled labors can also prove to be useful here. Hence, flexible ducts do provide you a better option.
  • Easy installations- Since flexible ducts can be easily bent and passed through tight spaces; therefore, it is easier to maneuver them at the time of installation. You can pass these ducts through sharp turns and different angles. In this way, installing an air conditioning system at all sorts of spaces becomes easier.

So, those were some of the good reasons to consider flexible ducts when it comes to installing an air conditioning system. Bin Dasmal General Trading provides such high quality flexible ducts based on customers’ requirements.


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