Why is copper pipe for refrigerant lines essential?

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Summary: It is crucial to note that the efficiency, performance, lifespan, running cost of air conditioner is always depend on two prime factors evaporator coil and connecting tubes, choice of metal used in the condenser coil. Condenser coils made of copper tube are easy to clean thus protecting it from dust choking and increasing the efficiency of the air-conditioner. Coils made up of copper tubes makes air conditioners lighter and more efficient.

It is essential to use copper pipes for refrigerant lines because:

  • It is fireproof and cannot release toxic gas in case of fire.
  • Copper is completely recyclable.
  • Copper prevents growth of bacteria
  • Can be used or stored outdoors, unaffected by sunlight (UV light)

There are numerous advantages of having copper tubes in air-conditioners:

  • Repairable: In case of leakage in condenser made with alternative metal cannot be repaired easily and has to take to workshop every time. On the other hand, condenser or connecting tube made with copper can be repaired easily by the service mechanic.
    • Easy to maintain: Outdoor units are prone to dust and dirt accumulation which needs to be cleaned properly and periodically. A fully chocked condenser can be cleaned properly in case of copper tube condenser.
  • Corrosion resistance: As compare to the alternative metal copper as a metal last long in corrosive environment. Copper is corrosion resistance and can be cleaned easily; it is more durable and maintains the energy efficiency in the long run.
  • Timely cleaning: Condenser coils typically made of copper that easily transfer heat and an air-conditioner runs more efficiently when excess heat leaves the system quickly so keeping the coils clean will lower your utility bills and lengthen the lifespan of your air conditioners.

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