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Bin Dasmal General Trading is one of the reputed and renowned general trading companies which provide its services to three industries that include air-conditioning, refrigeration, and the plumbing industry. Under each of the above mentioned divisions, the company offers numerous certified products, equipment and accessories. The refrigeration division is one of the core divisions that contribute in the HVAC units’ distribution of the company. The company provides the best refrigeration equipment in the UAE that provide the highest levels of consistent quality and appropriate solutions as per customer’s requirement.

List of leading refrigeration brands represented by Bin Dasmal General Trading:

  • Dorin Innovation: Under refrigeration sector, Dorin is one of the renowned and globally known brands. The Company trades with variety of Dorin products like Semi-hermetic & Open Type Compressors, Air Cooled Condensing Units, and Water Cooled Condensing Units.
  • Friga-Bohn: The Company provides a numerous range of refrigeration products. The brand provides products for supermarkets, cold storage, grocery stores, restaurants and other retail industries. These products are suitable for fresh new installations or even for replacing older ones and are certified by Eurovent, ISO 9001, and PGD & CE.
  • Carel: Carel a leading brand in control solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration, heating systems, humidification for evaporative cooling. The company develops and promotes evolved control systems, proposing innovative solutions in the HVAC/R sector. These products are designed to ensure energy savings and reduce the impact of machinery & systems on environment.
  • HC Heat exchangers: HC heat exchanger is a design and manufacturing company which is specialized in air conditioning and refrigeration Equipment. In order to ensure consistency in the quality of the delivered product, the company strives to produce products with its innovative tools and technologies. The company has a team of expert and knowledgeable professionals who always try to provide their clients with the ultimate solutions.
  • Danfoss: This is the most prominent supplier of Compressors and Automated Control Solutions to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The company offers a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration products to different industries and sectors such as residential & commercial sectors, food processing, chemical and many more industries.

Bin Dasmal General Trading is an authorized distributor in delivering quality refrigeration products to their clients. We provide the right refrigeration spare products to our customers according to their needs. Bin Dasmal General Trading values its customers and makes sure that their customers are satisfied with the products and services.


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