Pros and cons of fiber glass insulation!

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Overview: Fiberglass insulation comprises of extremely fine glass fibers. It is an insulation that is found mostly in your homes. It is commonly used in two different types of insulation – blanket which is batts and rolls, and loose fill. It is also available as rigid boards and duct insulation.Fiberglass as an insulator slows the spread of heat, cold, and sound in structures. The material does this by trapping pockets of air, keeping rooms warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Fiberglass insulation is made of plastic reinforced by tiny glass fibers. This composition gives the plastic additional strength while improving its insulation capacity.

Advantages of fiber glass insulation:

  • Lower your energy bills: By installing fiberglass insulation in your home you can reduce your energy bill up to large extent. It is an extremely a great way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Fiberglass, a thermal insulation (different than reflective, for example) is made of up to 40 percent recycled material and is effective at trapping heat. Saving energy means lower utility bills—which is how insulation helps you save money.
  • Reduce noise: In addition to energy savings, insulation can come up with soundproofing it can help reduces noises from outside and also inside your home between different rooms and levels.
  • Reduced energy cost: Having fiberglass insulation in a home can reduce energy consumption by as much as 40% and it slows down the spread of heat, cold, and sound. It traps pockets of air to keep the house warm during winter and cool during summer.
  • Fireproof: It is fireproof and therefore is a great option for walls that run between homes, for ceiling insulation, and for around light fixtures and other electrical items.
  • Easy to install:It is incredibly easy to install and maintain. This is what makes it one of the most popular insulation products for householders to buy for themselves.


  • Fiberglass insulation is not that much effective when there is a significant difference between the outside temperature & inside temperature because it keeps the heat inside and becomes less effective.
  • If it becomes wet, it loses its insulation qualities, making it ineffective.
  • Most of the fiber glass insulation can cause health issues as it may contain cancer-causing materials. Inhalation of fiber glass is a serious problem to your health.
  • It can subside over time, and therefore loses its ability to work well. This is especially the case when it is used inside walls or on rafters.

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